Lágt vöruverð eru mannréttindi

Our subscription model is a revolutionary system that aims to change the way business is concluded. We are all exhausted of the never ending inflation, massively increasing prices and a general reduction in our standard of living. We have the power to change that, we can unite and together we can change the system for the better. It starts here, right now!

Once you subscribe

  • Shop at 25% discount, this levels us down to compete with larger grocery store chains
  • Receive early access and information about special product deliveries. You will know that your favorite product has arrived on the shelves 48 hours before anyone else.
  • Exclusive specials and discounts only for members

"Legacy project" will be activated with 4000 members.

  • All products will be sold at cost price. 0% margin and we will become the lowest priced store in Iceland but probably even in the Nordic countries.
  • Young adults between the age of 19-24 can join the system for -990 a month and shop at 0% margin to help them get traction in life.
  • 25% of our company Vegan Empire ehf. will be turned into 4000 shares and each membership will receive a share. You will own a piece of the "Legacy project" and forever be part of what changed Iceland, but hopefully the world.

As a cherry on the cake

  • The number of subscribers will directly affect the dynamic reward curve of our other projects. Meaning, Vegan Búdin's subscription will become the mothership of our system dragging all the other subscriptions up with it. Discounts will grow at Junkyard and if we reach 4000 members here, then the subscribers of Junkyard will enter "Legacy" mode as well.